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Hello my little licornes ♥ How are you today? I have to say that I´m so glad because I already finished my seminar work for an Antropology seminar. I only need to make a short presentation about it and also print it. But the most difficult part is overI thought that summer term will be a bit easier than a previous winter one but I misunderstood. I feel like it´s even more difficult. I have so much stuff to do - seminar works, presentations, notes etc. Thank goodness I will be having only two oral exams, what is amazing because written ones are more suitable for me. Since I finished writing I decided to post another article, but another one only in English. Recently, I´m really thankful for a spare time and it´s easier for me to write some of the articles only in one language. Please understand :)

If you visit my blog more often you surely know I already posted one article about an e-shop The article was about clothing I received. This time, I chose another items, completely different from the previous ones. Today I won´t show you any piece of clothing or any beauty products. Last order I made trough contained two "technical" items and one "accessory". Curious to find out what I actually ordered? Continue the article :)

* provided for a review

You can´t even imagine for how long I actually wanted a camera holder. Some of you may know that I was also making videos for a while but I stopped doing it. It was difficult to deal with everything what was needed for it. One of those problems was that I didn´t have a camera holder. I had to collect chair, boxes, books and stuff like that to "make one". But my dream came true and I received this Universal Portable Digital Camera Tripod Stand Holder for Canon, Nikon and also Sony. Its price is pretty cheap if you think about how "original" holders may cost. As you can see there is also a spirit-level! It´s made from a very light material what is great while carrying it with yourself on trips etc. You can take different angle photos and also videos.

Firstly I was a bit scared it wouldnt fit my camera hole but it´s like made for it. I have Nikon CoolPix S2900 and like I already said, it fits there just perfectly. I already took a few photos and made a few videos. Camera was still holding on a stand. From time to time I checked it because I was afraid of camera falling down. Nothing like this happened so I can say I´m pretty satisfied with holder.

Another technical thing I got is this Universal 3in1 Fisheye Wide Angle Macro Lens Clip On Camera Lens Kit. I saw these lenses a on a few bloggers´ mobile phones and it looked like an interesting idea. They weren´t very pricey - I ordered them for 1,87 dollars I think. For the price like this, you can´t be waiting for anything spectacular of course. My mobile phone model is LG K8 LTE and they fit on it pretty good. Fisheye lens is the best one from this kit. Macro is blurry as hell so you can´t see anything. A N Y T H I N G. Wide lens doesn´t provide very good resolution, so. From time to time, when you want to take a different kind of photos, it´s good. But for everyday usage it´s not very good-quality.

PU Leather Wallet Plain Clutch Wallet I ordered for my mum. Her previous wallet was already damaged by using it very ofter for a long time. It is one of my presents for her recent birthday as well. She had two conditions about the wallet - it had to be black and it had to have a few "compartments" in itself. Especially for coins, bank notes, credit cards etc. I decided for a longer one because this kind of wallet is pretty common nowadays and it´s very spacious too.

What about you? Would you like to order something from :)

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  1. Shannon Boyce20:45

    That tripod stand looks fantastic! I have been looking for something similar.

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  5. Nice! I also got a new holder yesterday and I'm so happy with it!

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