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Hello my little licornes! ~ How are you doing? Enjoying the last school days and looking forward to Christmas or studying for the finals? Well, I have to admit that I just can´t wait until Christmas. We already set our christmas trees (you can get a peek: christmas tree 1, christmas tree 2) and everywhere I look I can see a christmasy decoration. It´s insane how the whole year has already passed. I remember last Christmas and New Year´s Eve perfectly, like it was yesterday. Hmm, I wonder what and who will the new year, 2017, bring into my life. Can´t wait to experience it  but in the same time having a respect. Well, today I would like to share with you my last order from Zaful.

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Faux leather velvet ball choker Zaful

This time I ordered some jewellery pieces as well. The first jewellery item is this super-cute faux leather velvet ball choker in a white colour. Chokers are my obsession. I wear them to almost everything. I can´t help myself but I think they make every neck prettier, slimmer and more sexy. Don´t you think the same?

Artificial Pearl Rhinestone Christmas Ring Zaful

This artificial pearl rhinestone christmas ring caught my attention on the first sight. I don´t usually wear rings or bijouterie, but this one is seriously an adorable one. It kind of resembles a reindeer to me. It also looks elegant and it´ll be a wonderful accessory to match my christmas outfit with.

The last item I ordered from Zaful is this super-kawaii flowers block rivets backpack in the old pink colour. I ´ve wanted this backpack for a few months now but everytime I wanted to order it, there wasn´t this colour available. But fortunately, this time I was lucky ♥ My old black backpack ,which I got last yearm has its own life story behind itself, haha. It looks a bit old and much worn now. Even if this pink one is smaller it´s cuter and much more adorable. I feel so special while wearing it. My surroundings like it as well. I also love floral ornaments on it. Straps are adjustable and it contains one big pocket and a smaller one.

It looks like a little hungry monster now, haha ♥

And here you can see all of the stuff I actually carry in the backpack. It´s everything I carry with myself every single day when I go to university. On the first photo you can see a huge kitty purse with eyelashes. In this purse I usually have tissues, stuff I use for the everyday makeup, little hand cream, mini hair brush and perfume or a body mist.

Having a hair tie with my is really important as well. I can´t stand falling hair into my face. Mobile phone and headphones are must-haves and mechanical pencil, rubber and some pens too.

And of course, you can´t forget about papers like ID card, insurance card etc, wallet, keys and, especially in the winter, gloves! When it´s freezing outside, my hands can get really dry and it hurts.

Except the items I mentioned above, I would like to share with you also one more thing. It´s this metal pompon PU leather crossbody bag. Recently, the old pink, and every single shade of pink, has become my the most favourite colour. I find it pretty and gentle. I can´t help myself. Also nowadays, here´s that trend with those pompom keychains. It makes every single bag more interesting and cuter. It also has the adjustable strap and I carry in it the same stuff as I carry in my new pink backpack. This item I ordered from Rosegal.

Metal pompon PU leather crossbody bag Rosegal

Metal pompon PU leather crossbody bag Rosegal


  1. All is good and cool

  2. These pieces look so sweet, and I adore that cross-body bag!

    Amber | y a c h t s m a a n

  3. Neha 14wow05:59

    Woww....Gorgeous photos....and I love all these bags...they are so cutely adorable babe....xoxo, Neha

  4. Veronica´s life07:29

    Ten choker vypadá krásně. Já bych chtěla černý! :) a ta starorůžová kabelka je nádherná :)

  5. Radulinka10:27

    Lovely things! ♥
    Meet My Lovely World

  6. Laura13:18

    I love everything you picked out, specially the pink handbag x

    Pink Frenzy

  7. Lenya15:28

    Everything is so cute and beautiful.

  8. Lucia16:15

    Oh so cool backpack :)

  9. Nájdeš tam podobné aj v čiernej farbe :)

  10. Viki18:11

    jééééj ten vak a tá kabelka wau :)

  11. The kitty purse and the backpack are my favourite pieces!



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