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Hello my little sweet licornes! How have you been recently? I haven´t experienced anything that special since I posted last article except one thing - we have been working on another story for our UniTV with my collegues. I´m sooo excited about it and I can´t wait to cut and edit it into a final form. And on the other side I got two lovely clothing pieces from Rosegal. If you´ve been reading my blog for a longer time, you probably already know that Rosegal is an e-shop with a lot of clothing items for women but also for men, and with a lot of accessories, bags and even shoes!

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I was given an opportunity to make another order. I chose two clothing pieces. Floral blossom hollow out blouse is the first of them. I´ve been into vintage and retro style for a few years now and I always find floral pattern very cute, pretty and romantic. I hadn´t had anything in the red colour in my closet before I guess so I think it was a right time to buy something already. The blouse is made from a light and comfy material. During the colder months I recommend to wear also a cardigan or a sweater on the top of it. I´m really glad I purchased it - I feel so pretty while wearing it! Even my surroundings made a lot of compliments on this blouse :)

Floral Blossom Hollow Out Blouse Rosegal

Bears print loose sweatshirt is the second and last item which I will be showing you in this post. What do you feel when looking at it? Happiness? Joy? Childhood memories? For me, this piece reminds me of my childhood and I feel happy every single time I look at it. It makes my days brighter and funnier. I just love to wear it - especially during the days when I don´t feel like smiling or when I´m simply sad. Even this piece of clothing is made from a fine and light material. I ordered it in a size S but it´s a bit oversize, which is amazing, because it´s more comfy to wear :3

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

Bears Print Loose Sweatshirt Rosegal

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20 komentárov:

  1. Hang Around The World18:30

    Omg I'm in love with the first pic. It looks so perfect for you and I'm obsessed with flowers... I need to buy it now, it will be my next purchase!! - A

  2. Mimie Niiouh22:20

    OMO the bear print sweater is so kawaii *^*

  3. Imaobong Asuquo1:13

    I love the blouse, looks so good on you!
    And that monster bag is fierce and finee, I need me one :-)

  4. My niece would love that little monster bag, I'll be bookmarking it as a possible Christmas gift.

  5. Jasmin N12:01

    Absolutely loving that bag on the middle!

  6. Blair Villanueva13:14

    Oh my I'm obsessed with your Care Bear sweatshirts! It reminds of my sweet childhood, and I would mind styling it up along with my other outfit!

  7. The bear print definitely reminds me of childhood care bears! Had many of them many years ago when they first came out. guess that ages me :) Very cute, but I think red blouse more my style!

  8. Malaika Fernandes16:44

    The bag is absolutely divine and the teddy tshirt is too cute for words. I do have a top in navy blue in the same flowery print and i must say i love it

  9. Haha, I hope she will got it them :) I´m 20 and I still want this backpack, haha.

  10. Carola K21:52

    I love the clothes you picked. The bears sweatshirt is so awesome. Are these the bears from the carebears? I loved that when I was younger. I can totally imagine you're wearing this often!

  11. Love3023:59

    That floral dress looks absolutely gorgeous against your dark hair! I need that grey sweater dress in my life! Ree love30

  12. Looks cute and colorful!
    They seem to match with any other accessory well.

  13. Jasmin N9:19

    That second bag is absolutely adorable! Loving it :-)

    ~ Jasmin N

  14. Ana S14:34

    I love flower print, these finds are all so cute - definitely my style! But I have to admit I'd pick the bag:) thanks for sharing

  15. I know, I kind of regret I didn´t purchase it :(

  16. Have no idea, what are those bears, but they look similar to me as well :/

  17. Monica Rae19:22

    Ten s tými medvedíkmi je proste naj, totálne som sa zamilovala, aj napriek tomu že mám iný vkus! <3

  18. Katarína Sládečková12:16

    Ja z toho svetríka z mackami asi umriem. On je tak nesmierne dokonalý. Veľmi sa mi páči tá farebnosť a strašne mi pripomína gumkáčov :)



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