Autumn vibes with Dresslily vol. 2

Hello my little lovely licornes ~ Guess what´s new in my life? No idea? Okay, I will tell you then - I´m sick and it really sucks. I didn´t think that I catch a flu as soon as I got to uni, but here we go. I´ve been sneezing, sniffling and my throat´s been like on the fire. I´m planning to spend the whole weekend at home, mostly in bed, because I want to be healthy as soon as possible, but don´t be afraid - on the other side, I will have much more time to create new blog posts :)

* provided for a review

In today´s article I would like to share with you my new clothing, which I have from Dresslily. Some of you may know that I already posted a photo in my new, army-green coat on my Instagram account. Women´s army-green coat cought my attention on the first sight. I´d wanted to buy a new coat for a few months, but I hadn´t been sure about the colour. I hadn´t wanted another black coat but I´d wanted to buy it in an easy-matching colourArmy-green has been quite popular recently and I have to say this colour is one of my favourite ones now.

The coat is nicely sewed, created from a fine thick material but it´s rather made for autumn. Of course, that´s just my opinion, but I wouldn´t wear it outside during the winter - especially because of my immune system. Closing is made from the three large black buttons and the coat has also the belt. I recommend binding the belt too, because your figure will look prettier and more feminine. For a 158 cm tall person like me was the S size the ideal one. The only one thing I´m not satisfied with is the fact, that it doesn´t have a hoodie. It would be great if it does. ♥

Sweet bow ascot collar blouse was my second choice. My wardrobe has a deficit of blouses what is really sad. I wear them rather than the ordinary tops or T-shirts. They make me feel more elegant, feminine and from time to time more mature too. It´s made from the chiffon I guess so it´s breathable and kind of a see-through piece, so that´s why I also wear an ordinary top underneath. The most interesting part of this blouse is definitelly its collar which is composed of two thick strips which you can tie into a bow. It looks super pretty and adorable. Even this piece is nicely sewed, in a light peachy colour. I ordered it in the size S.

Last two products are a pink sweet bow wallet with a pendant and a rose gold faux pearl ring. The wallet was definitely a must-have because I just had had a small ones, mostly for coins with no spare space for banknotes or credit cards. I chose it in a light pink colour and I like its details - little bow with a rhinestone in the front and a cute pendant on the zip. This wallet is very spacious for everything, you need to have with yourself.

The faux pearl ring is actually gold, not a rose gold one, but I don´t mind at all. It´s pretty and what´s the best is the fact, that it´s like made for my little fingers ♥ So it´s probably also the S size.

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  1. Blair Villanueva09:37

    OMG I love your new purchases especially your coat! Does Dresslily accepts shipping to the Philippines?

  2. Carola22:25

    Hope you're feeling better! I love all the things you bought. The coat is definitely my favorite. It looks great. Great color wallet!

  3. Laveena Sengar10:50

    All the products are pretty good. I like the peach wallet lot. That shirt is something I would love to wear at work.

  4. lexhan11:49

    Your coat looks very nice, and I like other accessories I see in here, your picture is nice too. Get well soonest. *Hugs*

  5. Thank you very much ♥ Yeah, I feel a lot better now :)

  6. Hello. For that question, try to look at Dresslily´s page in a "Shipping" section :)

  7. Iris Pase18:24

    Don't fancy the pink tones really, probably because they don't suit me, but I absolutely LOVE the coat. So elegant and casual at the same time, it's a very flexible item.

  8. Hang Around The World22:42

    I love your style, you know how to choose the perfect items for the autumn! I'm glad I read this :) - A

  9. The coat and the blouse look fab; great finds!


  10. Love3014:59

    I've got the flu too because of the change in season! Although I'm in Mexico with it which is a lot nicer 😄 love that coat, it's so me! Lovely skirt design on it. Ree Love30

  11. Looking great on those dress. You also look very lovely honestly . :)

  12. I really love the green coat, that type of green is definitely one of my favorite colors :)

  13. Great post! :D
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  14. Helen18:42

    That coat is beautiful! Seriously. Dream coat right there! I wonder if it's for sale in the UK?

  15. I think that they ship to UK :)