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Hello my petites licornes ♥ How have you been? I´ve been really busy recently because, as some of you may already know, I started to work for a Slovak Telekom a.s. company. I´m happy and grateful for a job like this because it´s something which suits me very well. I don´t have any huge problems in the work so I hope it´ll be like this also during the next months. Wish me luck.

But back to the main topic of this article. Few weeks ago, I was asked about a collaboration with an e-shop called Zaful.com. I heard about it a long time ago and I knew that its clothing is really nice and good quality, so I was really pleased to receive an opportunity like this. I could choose a few items and I ordered four different ones. Previous week I got a parcel with them and you can´t imagine how happy I was ♥

The first item which I want to share with you guys is this cami floral printed maxi dress. When I saw it for the first time, I thought that this dress is nice, elegant and also sexy. I wanted to order it but I wasn´t sure at all. Why? That´s simple - because my height is just 158 cm and most of dresses like this one are just way too long for me. But I crossed my fingers and now, I thank myself that I bought it.

Upper part is kinda big for me as you can see also on the photos, but it´s nothing you can fix by sewing etc. It´s made from a light and fine material, like also the other items I purchased. It´s made like from the two pieces - white short dress connected to a longer one with a floral pattern. Ideal for going out with your friends in the evening or for a summer party.

zaful review

zaful review

zaful review

zaful review

The second item is a black lace bra with stripes. I just love every kind of lace in every colour. Lace is something what makes woman looks much more sensual and sexy. Lace is just incredible accessory for every type of women. It suits all body shapes. Personally I own a few lace bra pieces but you won´t have enough of them ever! Bra is really comfortable and light - you almost can´t say if you are wearing it or not, haha. Ideal piece for those, who can´t stand push up bras. It´s a well-made piece of clothing and the lace is a good quality so you don´t have to be afraid of tearing it apart etc. :)

zaful review

zaful review

zaful review

The third and the fourth items are actually two piece outfits, which I love. They´re sold together for just one price. Isn´t that just amazing? I´ve fallen in love with two piece outfits long time ago and I think they are like created for a summer time. They´re made in various patterns and styles, with shorts, skirts, crop tops, bralets ... These two ones are composed from shorts and short tops.

This cropped short sleeve twinset is in a white colour. As you can see down below, it has a pretty pattern. It looks kinda like a folk clothing, don´t you think? It may looks like pyjamas or something but I wear it outside without any worries. It´s made from a light material and it´s also breathable. Ideal for summer days when you are sweating as fuck hell. I already wore this top to work! :3

zaful review

The ethnic print suit looks like an etno or indie style. Its pattern reminds me India, where I really want to go once. It´s a white outfit composed of shorts with blue and red ornaments and a tiny crop top with a blue floral pattern. Material is the same as in the first case. Light and breathable.

And what´s another thing I just love about two piece outfits? That you don´t have to wear them only together. You can make another original and incredible outfits also with another type of clothing - with skirts, jeans, trousers, T-shirts etc. You have so many opportunities to be creative!

zaful review

zaful review

In the end I would like to say that I´m really glad I could order these items. I got new amazing pieces which I can wear during this summer. Clothing from the Zaful.com is a good quality when you think also about its price. Also, when you want to buy something what no one else has, it´s a good opportunity to browse e-shops like this.

Have you ever ordered anything from Zaful?
Do you like this e-shop? :)

* Current activities *
Bikini Besties
How many bikini photos are you taking with your friends this summer trip? Tell us all the fun you are having and we know you will love to share bikini group shoots and win customer-made ZAFUL bikinis!

! Rules !
1. Upload your bikini group shoot.
2. Tell us your summer trip
3. @zaful and #zafulbff in the caption so we can find your post

We will pick 8 best shots, the winner and the winner’s friend can get the customer-made bikinis which are made by ZAFUL designers. Exciting? Just take your phone/camera and join us!

zaful review

Football Fans
Are you interested in a football and at the same time in the fashion as well? Try to find your national team or a team you chear up on and represent it with your bikini!

Do you want to buy amazing pieces but also save money?  Use this promotion coupons "COPA100" and "EURO2016" for a -15%!

17 komentárov:

  1. Monica Rae10:28

    Majú tam naozaj krásne kúsky ♥ Najviac sa mi páči posledný outfit :D

  2. Soňa11:28

    Krásne vecičky, najviac sa mi páčia šaty a podprsenka. :)

  3. Eliša Lenulka16:38

    Ta podprsenka je boží! Tu chci taky. :D Jen škoda, že je to všechno psané v angličtině..... tu já tak dobře teda neovládám. :)

  4. Clara Enit Vávrová16:47

    Tak ty šaty vážně nemají chybu :) Moc se mi líbí i ty barvy na nich, pěkný :)

  5. Marie20:42

    Tak zaprvé gratuluji k práci a držím palce, aby tě to bavilo :) Šaty jsou krásné a koukám, že mám stejný problém s výškou. Měřím 160 cm a dlouhé šaty na mě prostě nejsou musela bych si všechny přešívat.


  6. Ellenya10:49

    Tie saty a podprsenka su uzasne, tusim sa tiez pojdem po nich pozriet :))


  7. Rachel Roo15:51

    Tyjo obcas fakt koukam co se da na netu koupit za super kousky. Ja bych to ale kupovat nemohla, mam divnou postavu a pulka veci mi nesedi :/ No kdyby jen pulka :D

  8. Skvelé kúsky! Hlavne šaty sú top, škoda tej veľkej vrchnej časti, ale tak dalo sa čakať, že nie všetko bude sedieť tip top, hlavne, že nie sú mega dlhé :D. Ja mám len 155cm takže ťa veľmi dobre chápem :)

  9. Ďakujem veľmi pekne ♥ Naozaj sa mi páčia, sú krásne, no musím s nimi niečo urobiť, pretože takto sa nosiť nedajú. Skúšala som to aj s bielym tričkom s krátkym rukávom, aby som vyzerala "cool", ale v mojich predstavách to vyzeralo o niečo lepšie, no :D

  10. Až som neverila, že budú naozaj takéto super. Predsa len vieme, aké kúsky môže človek dostať, keď objednáva cez internet, haha.
    Ja mám s veľkosťami tiež problém, a to hlavne v prípade obuvi. Mám polkové číslo, niečo medzi 36 a 37, takže väčšinou nedokážem zohnať žiadne topánky, ktoré by mi sadli ako uliate :(

  11. Ďakujem veľmi pekne ♥ To si cením :3

  12. Adele Miner18:21

    Gorgeous, love the bralette! x


  13. Fantail Flo3:02

    Gorgeous outfits- love the first dress best!

    Visit me: www.fantailflo.com


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