{Irresistible Me} Who would you rather be? Snow White or Anna Boleyn?!

Irresistible Me

Hello everyone :)
Recently, I´ve been studying a lot and it´s because my graduating oral exams are coming. Yesterday I just finished everything from a history and I started revising Slovak language. It´s a really huge amount of information but I decided to make a little break and write this article. Few weeks ago I published a photo with two new headbands on my Instagram. I got them from an e-shop called Irresistible me where you can find mostly clip-in hair extensions, full lace wigs, hair toolshair care products and many accessories. Sounds hairy, don´t you think? :)

* provided for a review

I have a really long hair as you can see even on my instagram photos so I didn´t choose any clip-in hair or a wig. I just love my natural hair the way it is now. I don´t even use a hair straightener or a curler, so it was kinda difficult to choose what I would like to order, haha. But I came up with an idea with headbands. I´ve loved them since I was a child and I like wearing them very much. Mostly to school, cause I don´t like falling hair into my face during making my notes or another stuff. I chose two beautiful headbands - a red ruby one and a black one.

Irresistible Me

Ruby one resembles me Snow White character. Maybe it´s because of my pale white skin and dark long hair. It looks so adorable and incredible when you put it on hair. As you can see on the photo, it´s covered with a red shiny fabric and it has a huge bow in the middle. It´s really soft and I can wear it almost whole day cause it´s comfy. You don´t have to be afraid of loosing the bow, because it´s glued there.

Irresistible Me

This black one is called Celine. I just fell in love with it on the first sight. It resembled me Anna Boleyn, who was one of the Henry 8th´s wives. It looks really fancy and gorgeous. It´s a headband covered with a black fabric and with a golden lace on its sides. As you can see on the photos, there is also an application made from pearls. So pretty ♥

Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me

Irresistible Me


  1. Monica Rae09:37

    Krásne čelenky ♥

  2. Good luck with your exams, great headbands ;)


  3. Rajwant Kaur Singh00:46

    These are both so lovely, they look great on you
    And your natural hair is gorgeous!!

    What Raj Wants

  4. Absolutely adorable!

    XO, Jesis

  5. Love that red one!

    Dakota D.

  6. Kelsey & Kenecha04:08

    Cute accessories!


  7. wow krasna si :)

  8. disqus_5n9vU7FZce14:58

    Lovely headpieces! :D

  9. Jenn Dalisay15:35

    OMG! The black one is so gorgeous! I hate it when my hair falls to my face as well whenever I have to look down. haha! So I always have a hair pin with me or a hair tie. :)

    The Pink Lemonade Girl

  10. Oooh the wand looks wonderful on you!

    xx Bash |   go say   H E Y   B A S H

  11. Loving the headpieces!! So cute!:)



  12. Hair pin is also another solution, hehe.


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