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blogerské tipy

Hello my lovely licornes ~ I decided to publish a new article with a few tips for better blogging. How to make your blog look better and nicer not only for yourself but also for the blog´s visitors? Subjective and also objective tips which might help you in a blogger sphere. I just love to write this kind of articles and I like to read them on the other blogs as well. Do you have any other tips ? :)

• create a nice blog logo or header
• make a lovely blogger template you will be having there for a longer time (in that case you don´t have to rush yourself with making another ones when you are busy)
• write better and concise headings which catch visitor´s attention in the first seconds
• write just a few concise tags (in the end, Blogger´s tags are something like the rubrics)
• simple navigation is great! you don´t have to have there every single gadget
• post (only) good-quality photos and especially those, which you took yourself

• write "about me/blog" page with a short info about youself and blog´s content
• talk with your followers, answer comments (at least a few)
• don´t make very short or very long articles
• don´t post many photos without any text
• comment on the other blogs from time to time too

• do not make very colorful designs - it is not very good for the eyes o.o
• do not use many different fonts
• write a question on the end of each post
• check a grammar before you publish
• use some photo filters. photos will be more attractive

• make a contact me page / share your e-mail & social nets in case, others want to be in touch with you and it´s also a good thing for potencial collaborations
• make some giveaways for especially those, who follow you
• you should learn something about HTML & CSS - your blogger templates will look nicer and you will learn something new for yourself

• make a notes, collect your ideas for the next posts.
• don´t copy articles from another blogs - it´s nice to be inspirated, but give us your own thoughts :)

18 komentárov:

  1. Ďakujem za článok, niektoré body mi skutočne pomohli a budem sa nimi riadiť :-)

  2. úplne súhlasim ! :) víťazke gratulujem :) a veľmi sa mi páči nový šat blogu :) :)

    1. Ďakujem <3 Aj mne sa celkom páči :) Niečo jednoduché, úplne podľa môjho gusta. Zajtra sa ešte pohrám s odkazmi, dnes sa mi už nechce :) :D

  3. Vítězce gratuluju :) A skvělý článek
    Blog by Veru

  4. These are such useful tips, thanks for sharing! :)

    Elma x || PetalGrrl

  5. Gratulujem výherkyni, mimochodom super článok a tipy :)

  6. Úžasné radi!:) naozaj pomôžu vo veľa situáciach. Nikdy by ma nenapadlo to s tými kontaktmi. Vždy som si myslela že je to zbytočnosť. Ale tak aj ja to skúsim. Naozaj skvelé radi!:)

  7. These are great tips! Congrats to the winner of the giveaway.


  8. úplne úžasný článok , ďakujem za rady :-)

  9. Super tipy, i když pro mě nic moc nového, ale naprosto s tebou souhlasím :) a gratuluji výherkyni! :)
    Young, wild and free

  10. This photograph’s atmosphere is so great!
    I love.


  11. úžasný článok! :)

  12. Neskutočne sa mi páči ten obrázok v ľavom hornom rohu :)
    Body sú určite užitočné, hlavne to "check grammar" by si niektorí mohli zapamätať.. :D

  13. Naprosto miluju, když české holky dokáží takhle psát anglicky, protože, bohužel, ani v téhle době to ještě není samozřejmostí :/ A ty body... to je podle mě věc, která by se měla dávat povinně přečíst každé holce, která začíná s blogováním ^^

  14. všechno to je pravda :) pekne si to shrnula


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